LBES 4th and 5th Graders Host 3rd Grade Students From Different Districts
"Read With Me!"

The visit was part of the "Read With Me!" program, which is funded by the Alliance For Education and brings children of neighboring communities together three times a year to improve literacy and foster cross-cultural friendships.

During their hour together, the reading buddies greeted each other, discussed the various interests they've shared through postcards, read a selected book together, and completed a related reading/writing/thinking activity.  Each visitor got to keep the book they read together.

"Read With Me!" is a large reading/mentoring program that combines the efforts of teachers, students, principals, and volunteers from Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Knollwood, Highwood, and Waukegan.  The program is sponsored by Lake County Cares and is an outgrowth of the Sarah's Dream program, which collected and distributed thousands of books to children in neighboring communities.
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